Miracle Magnetic Car Signs

Our "NEW" Magnetic Car Signs
- 10 Times Stronger Bond
- 25% Lighter
- Protective Backing
- The Best Car Magnet on the market
The patented Silicon layer strengthens the bond while protecting the cars paint. They're the perfect economical option to brand your car and increase brand awareness.

Custom Size1$ 132.00
2$ 132.00
4$ 132.00
6$ 132.00
8$ 132.00
10$ 132.00
100$ 132.00
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Download free templates to assist you in creating your artwork.

Car Magnets 200x400
Car Magnets 200x600
Car Magnets 250x500
Car Magnets 250x600
Car Magnets 300x300
Car Magnets 300x450
Car Magnets 300x600
Car Magnets 400x600
Car Magnets 450x600
Car Magnets 300x1200
Car Magnets 600x1200

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